12 Days of Christmas – A Literacy Feast

12 Days of Christmas literacy feastThe 12 Days of Christmas begin today. We are “off the grid” for the rest of the year. Like you we are enjoying time with family and friends.

Our gift to you is a collection of 12 Days of Christmas. Literacy style. Enjoy some of our favorite literacy finds this year. Our 12 Days offers some new research,  creative literacy ideas, and a few book list suggestions.

This is the only 12 Days of Christmas that give you the guilt-free answer to “I’m bored” during Winter Break.

Grab a cup of eggnog (or your favorite holiday beverage), sit back, and enjoy the feast!

12 Days of Christmas for Literacy Curators

  • liftarn_Make_a_Santa_listCreate ONE own family cookbook – Read it or Scoop.it from our Diversified Learning Topic. We scooped it from Fun Educational Apps.
  • THREE (books / articles) that inspired the observation How New Media is Changing our Species on a Fundamental Level – Read it or Scoop.it from our Family Literacy Topic. We scooped it from the Digital Media Diet.
  • Check out these FOUR-ty Sites for Educational Games – Read it or Scoop.it from our Modern Literacy Topic. We scooped it from Digital Learning Environments.
  • Reading at FIVE. Why? – Read it or Scoop.it from our Family Literacy Topic. We scooped it from Deborah McNelis @braininsights
  • TWELVE times three – there are plenty of problem solving games on PBS Kids – Read it or scoop it from our Diversified Learning Topic. We re-scooped it from none other than the Book Chook!

We hope you have enjoyed our 12 Days of Christmas and found something inspirational for the new year.

Happy holidays. We’ll be back in 2014!