50 Books For Hungry Readers

recipes kid booksOne of my favorite features of the new Literacy Portal is our amazing search capability. [Thanks again Algolia and Hosting Connecticut!]

Want a story with the main character whose name matches your child’s?

We can do that! Whatever it may be that inspires your reading, if the word or phrase is in a book title, summary/excerpt, review comments, or author’s name it will show up in a search. So where am I going with all this? …

I just finished reading A Dash of Magic by Kathryn Littlewood. As I was putting together my review, a question popped up: what other books have we read that have a food-y tie-in.

My search “yielded” quite a few books that had either a character with a food-ish name, a food item in the title, or a foodie theme that is central to the story.

These are not all of the books, as I didn’t search for every possible food combo, but this collection is sure to satisfy a “sweet spot” for your reader. Some even have recipes in the back.

Picture Books

Easy Reader and Illustrated Chapter

Middle Grade Readers

Young Adult Readers


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