A Big Week for Awards

I have to laugh when I read the newspaper articles about the Writer’s Guild strike and it’s impact on the “big” media awards. The show can’t go on, so to speak, because there is no one to write cue cards so someone can READ about what we watch (vs. read).

Why not just read some award-winners instead? This week the American Library Association presented its slate of award-winning books for the year. These are the most recognized awards in kid lit circles, but they aren’t the only awards.

In the Tub, our goal is to encourage reading. For kid lit fans (parents, librarians, teachers) the Caldecott or Newberry or Prinze winners are likely books we’ve already read! But what about families where reading isn’t a recreational activity?

There are plenty of parents who don’t like to read, but who want their kids to read well. They want to find great books, but since they aren’t big book fans, where should they look?

Start with the state book awards. In every state (except Mississippi) you will find at least one kids’ choice award program. Who better than their child’s peers to recommend a book they’ll want to read? Here’s The Reading Tub’s Directory of state and regional awards programs in North America. All you need to do is “find” your state. All of the awards are listed in one place to make it easy.

Odds are, though, that folks don’t know much about the awards because … they aren’t big readers. I’m not sure what the answer is when it comes to getting the word out, but all of us who are passionate about helping kids read … not to mention those in the kid lit business ought to be able to come up with something.