A Cybils Checklist

Cybils2009-Web-SmallYes, time is of the essence … The Fourth Annual Childrens and Young Adult Bloggers’ Literary Awards process opens tomorrow! Squee!Everyone is invited to nominate one book in each of ten categories (Easy Readers is split in two this year).   Here is some info on how the nominations process will.

I am a list girl, so with nominations just around the corner, I thought I better get out my checklist.

Add Cybils bling to my blog. Check. checkmark

Update widget that links to each of the panel/judge lists.[See sidebar!] Check.

checkmarkWrite post announcing Cybils, my role as Easy Reader Panelist, and introduce all of my fellow panelists. Check.

Buy Cybils mug to use while I’m reading nominated titles. [Note to self: Make it a BIG mug!]checkmark Check.

Get out paper and sharpen pencil for my nomination list.  Check.checkmark

Wash and dry thinking cap – Just checking to see if you are still reading! Not done yet.

Well, I think I’m ready. What about you? How are you going to participate this year?

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