A New Year Begins!

It’s January, and it seems like the word “resolution” is everywhere. Here in the tub, we tend to frame our resolutions in terms of what we want to do: Give parents, teachers, librarians, tutors, grandparents, et al, the tools they need to “grow a reader.”

Still, January is as good a time as any to grab a cup of cocoa and think about where we’ve been and what lies ahead. When I started the Reading Tub, I focused on the “learning” aspect of literacy. That’s where “Turning a page … Opening the World”® comes from. My thought was, get a child to love (or even just like) reading and you will expand his natural curiosity and imagination … and along the way engender a love of learning.

But as I sit here today (having read a little more myself), I realize our goal really is bigger than just learning. It’s simply this: bring reading home to families. I have adopted this as the Reading Tub® my mantra because it captures the various facets of children’s literacy and what we are trying to do. So here is what we’re resolve to keep doing this year.

Encourage parents/grandparents/aunts/uncles to read with the children in their lives … even kids who can read independently can benefit from time shared reading aloud with Mom or Dad.

Help the adults find great books that match their kids’ interests and reading levels and skip the over-hyped stuff!

Provide information that explains why reading with a child at home is so important.

Post articles and provide links to resources that help parents/grandparents/teachers teach their children to read.

Here’s to keeping those resolutions for 2008!

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  1. These are great resolutions, Terry, and important ones. I wish you much success, and I’ll certainly be following along with you, and trying to do these things on my own site, too. Thanks for everything that you do to help grow readers.

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