family literacy

From the Beginning

In the fall of 2003, Reading Tub launched itself as a hobby website for reviewing children’s books. Within a year – when authors and publishers started sending us books – we became an official 501(c)(3) nonprofit so that we could get books to readers in need and help parents decode literacy and make it simple for them to help their kids become readers.

For 20 years, this all-volunteer nonprofit donated all its time and energy to connecting readers and books. Through the Be the Star Teen Review Team, countless parents, and librarians, we helped parents find books that met their readers where they were, in both interest and ability. Every dollar donated to the Reading Tub went to providing literacy information and getting books to at-risk readers.

Fast-Forward 20 Years

Beginning in 2023, the Reading Tub is returning to its beginning: a hobby website, albeit with a blog. Our mantra to bring Literacy home for families hasn’t changed, and we will – on an ad hoc basis – continue to add book reviews and literacy resources to the portal. We still believe that every child should have the opportunity to grow to be a strong, successful reader. And we will continue to focus our energy on that goal.

What We Accomplished in 20 Years

  • Through decades of our slice-of-life tips, we helped families understand and incorporate literacy concepts into everyday life.
  • We distributed more than 20,000 brand-new books to at-risk readers.
  • Our volunteers published 3,900 book reviews. That will continue!
  • We published more than 300 articles on ways to make literacy an “every-day” part of family life.
  • We curated hundreds more articles and book lists to help adults connect young readers with books.