A Word from Our Sponsor

Just a quick note to let y’all know that things will be sporadic around here between now and when the Tub wraps up the year mid-month.

There are lots of things going on – the least of which is the holiday hubbub and planning – and I want need to thin my workload to be able to  prepare and deal with it all. All of us in the Doherty household are fine, but I can no longer push off the realities of being in the Sandwich Generation.

I am not disappearing, and still plan to be an active part of the community, but I’ll be largely cheering from the sidelines for right now … like tomorrow, when the third edition of Literacy Lava hits the wire! Here is Editor Susan Stephenson’s tease:

Literacy Lava 3Find out what your local library has to offer, read ideas on making books with kids, sneak some learning into shopping, discover games that build literacy skills, develop imagination while playing Grocery Store, make writing part of your family’s life, read why picture books are so good for kids, and find out how literacy helped one child fight night terrors. Don’t forget to check out the Online Extras page, and the Writing Prompt activity page for kids.
Literacy Lava 3 – get it while it’s HOT!

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