Answer: Your Local LIbrarian

Question: Who has a job where they know everything and share it every day?

This is a short post, just to let you know that National Library Week begins today! If you need a reason to start something new, then head on over to the library to celebrate!

Libraries (and librarians) are incredible gifts to every community. They can help us find out more about the things we already love, learn something new, or explore new places. For a child, the opportunities are endless. If you’re worried about the shush factor, make a plan before you go and decide after you get there. If your library has a separate children’s section that’s a little more noisy, then plan to stay. Walk through the shelves, let your child find some books, and read for a bit. If your library is a more traditional quiet place, look at the shelves, let your child pick out a few books, and then head home to read them on the couch!

Whatever your plan, make it a point to stop by the library this week and tell them thanks. Odds are, they won’t mind if you don’t whisper it.