Anybody up for a picnic?

This is the time of year I get a little wistful. It’s not just holidays and holiday memories, it is a wish for winters of (not so) long ago. 

snowy day activity

One of my favorite winter activities as a new Mom was creating cocoa picnics with my daughter starting when she was about 18 months old.

We would pull out a blanket (and maybe some pillows), make some hot chocolate, and spend time sitting on the floor sharing picture books. 

Cold days, snowy days, and just because days. I would use any excuse to have a picnic. Even as a way to survive the Polar Vortex of 2016

The Magic of Cocoa Picnics

Catherine would probably tell you that her favorite part was the marshmallows!

My answer isn’t quite that easy. Yes, they created a little quiet time, but that wasn’t really their purpose. 

Our picnics were a chance to slow down and be “in the moment.” They also let us “play” with books. Sometimes we would read a story, sometimes we would just look at and talk about the pictures.

The chance to sit quietly and listen as my daughter shared her views of the world as a toddler and preschooler was a priceless opportunity that created memories that will last forever. 

When Catherine was a bit older (elementary and middle school) we still had cocoa picnics every once in a while. We would pull some of the family favorites that we’d read together many, many times. If I was lucky, I could get her to read aloud.

Winter is almost officially here. And while I may not like the cold weather, the memories of sharing books with my daughter warm my heart and fill my soul.

The blog will be quiet over the next few weeks as we dash toward the holiday and some long-awaited family time off the grid.

Wishing you and yours
a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year.