April question – It’s Time to Find a Reading Spot

Now that the April Fool-ishness has died down – and the weather is warming up! – it is time for our April book-ish questions. This month’s questions were inspired by this post about reading at the breakfast table.

Q1 – What is (or was) your favorite reading spot?

promote readingLet’s do a little time traveling. As a child or teen, what kind of reader were you? Were you the kid who …

  • read with a flashlight under the covers?
  • made a tent so you could read your comics alone?
  • took your books out to the hammock or climbed a tree?
  • found a secret corner in the library?
  • told your mom you were reading but were really just looking at the pictures?

Skipping the words is okay, too! Pictures usually have a lot to say.

I have great memories of staying up late trying to read and finding spots in the library (that I was SURE no one else had discovered), but my favorite memories are taking books into the “cave” on the side of my grandmother’s house. It was a big bush that you could climb under and it had just enough space for a blanket, some books, and me. Though my brothers would also climb in … but that’s a different story.

Q2 – Have you created a favorite reading spot with your children?

toddler preschoolI can’t take my daughter to my grandmother’s house, and we don’t have bushes like that, but over the years we created some fun reading spots and reading traditions.
  • I have talked about our cocoa picnics a number of times, with the most recent time being last winter.
  • On warm days, we would read outside on the patio.
  • In the summer, we took books and read in the hammock.
  • We read in the school parking lot waiting for the doors to open.
If we read at the breakfast table, it wasn’t a regular thing. Our usual routine, though, was ending the day with a book. We always started out reading together, and as she got older, Catherine would ask for more time before lights out. She still likes to read before bed.
Although I love to read, I never had read-aloud time with my parents. My hope is that what was a new, favorite place/time for me is a special memory for her that she will “pay forward” someday reading with her kids.


2 responses to “April question – It’s Time to Find a Reading Spot

  1. I blogged about this at some point, but as a kid my favorite reading spots were a tree in the side yard, and our roof (which I could access via a dormer window). I always liked reading outside. These days I have excellent reading spots in my backyard, on my balcony, and in my (little used otherwise) living room.

    I have also blogged about my daughter’s reading nest on a window seat. But really, she has several reading spots these days: the chaise in the family room, her bed, and the back of my car. Yesterday she asked if we could have DEAR time together in her bed until my husband got home from work. I had a bunch of things to do, so of course I said “Sure!”.
    Jen Robinson recently posted…Growing Bookworms Newsletter: April 3: Reading Instead of Blogging EditionMy Profile

    1. Yeah DEAR time!!!! I think I remember that post, it had pictures, didn’t it? Somehow I didn’t remember reading on the roof. We have actually talked (okay I have …) about converting the living room to a cozy reading space. It would definitely be used more.

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