Are You a List Maker?

One of my favorite parts of the new Literacy Portal is the robust and ever-growing collection of book lists.

curate kid book lists

I love any kind of list, but I love collecting book lists. They can be REALLY helpful to someone who is trying to find that just-right book and/or who doesn’t feel comfortable asking someone for ideas.

I also know a reader who likes to use a list to check off what they’ve read! But enough about me.

The point is, we have lots of lists, and our collection grows every week. Literally.

Some lists grow because we have added new reviews and discovered some really special books worthy of being included. That would be these lists:

Others (read: the ones that grow the fastest) are lists we have discovered in our daily blog reading. Like these collections:

It isn’t hard to see who some of our most trusted sources are, because we have links to many of their lists. Keeping up with those lists isn’t easy, and I know there are other excellent resources that we should consider.

Be a Book List Curator

My goal is to ensure that the Literacy Portal provides visitors and users with authoritative resources from across the interwebs. It takes a village, as they say, and this is a piece where we can use the help of readers with a critical eye!

The Reading Tub is inviting bloggers to be part of our List Curation Team. We would like to add two people to our team to vet and publish lists of books for young readers (infant to young adult).

Whether you curate lists for young readers (Infant to Young Adult) or collect lists curated by others, we would love to bring more attention to your work and get great books where they will be most loved.

Leave questions in the comments or email Terry if you are interested.

2 responses to “Are You a List Maker?

  1. Hello!
    If it’s about children and books then I’m in!
    I’d like to learn more about being a part of your List Curation Team.

    Best regards,
    Gail Fazio

    PS I listed my website, but it hasn’t launched yet. It will be up soon.

    1. Hi Gail! Yes, we are building lists for children’s through YA books. Let’s connect through email. Look for an email from me. Best, Terry

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