I cannot live without books. ~ Thomas Jefferson

Our first book giveaway. Wahoo! If you’re stopping by for the first time, welcome! Here in the Tub we’re all about children’s literacy. We look at reading as a family activity … something we can do together. So, for our first book giveaway, we wanted to select items that centered on our guiding principles:

  • Reading together promotes reading, encourages kids to be life-long readers, and creates memories for success.
  • Reading is more than just memorizing letters or letter sequences. It is about understanding words and using them as a tool for life.

In the spirit of sharing a story, we have two, interactive books to give away. You can enter to win EITHER Cranium FunFolio or In the Beginning, Chuck Fischer’s upcoming release.

Cranium FunFolio – Volume 1 by Cranium Books. This is a one-of-a-kind book that you create together. You have everything you need to draw, act, play, laugh, and write your own adventures. Themes in this volume encourage kids to “create a museum exhibit, design their own robot, and invent silly songs.” (LB Kids, 2006)

In the Beginning by Chuck Fischer. This is Chuck Fischer’s new pop-up book for the whole family. “An ingenious series of three-dimensional spreads with fold-outs and narrative booklets, In the Beginning shows how the timeless narratives of the Book of Genesis have inspired artists for thousands of years and continue to do so today.”

To enter, leave a comment with a memory (preferably a favorite) of a time when you were sharing a story. It can be when you were a kid, it can be with one of your kids, it can be in school, it’s up to you. Be sure to also specify which book your entry is for.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We ship only to the US and Canada.

Thanks to Hachette Books, USA, and LB Kids (Little, Brown and Company) for these donations.


  1. My daughter loves Charlie and Lola – this really cute little sister and brother pair created by Lauren Child. So, we have ALL of the Charlie and Lola books (there’s dozens of them), but her favorite is I Will Never, Not Ever, Eat a Tomato. I love reading it to her because she insists I do it with a British accent, and she’ll just sit and giggle all the way through. We’ve read it a hundred times at least, but she never tires of it. The most important thing, is I have to say TOE-MAH-TOE. She won’t let her dad read it to her, because he insists on saying (in a strongly put on southern drawl) tuhmayduh. We read it about twice a week, and it’s my favorite storytime.

    Thanks for letting me share my story!


  2. I would love to win the pop up book, my kids love it.

    I think one of my favorite stories about sharing a story has to be when my daughter was around three and we were teaching her about Noah’s Ark. She loved the story about all the animals and the fact that Noah had them all for pets. LOL!! She told me that she wished she had been on the ark so she could have helped Noa take care of all the amimals. It was soo cute.

  3. One of my favorite memories of sharing a story comes from childhood and deals with the first book I ever read on my own, Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree. I was so proud of myself when I learned to read that I couldn’t wait to show everyone what I could do. My teacher realized how eager and excited I was and allowed me to read the book to the class. I was a bit shy as a child, but I was so excited about sharing my new talent with the class that I forgot all about nerves.

    A few years ago my parents gave me a copy of The Giving Tree for Christmas. They remembered how special the book was to me because it was my first that I read on my own and now I have a copy to share with my children (should I be blessed to have any).

  4. Oh, and I got so caught up in reminiscing that I forgot to say which book I’d like to win…I’d love to enter for Cranium FunFolio – Volume 1

  5. My favorite moments are when I am watching tv or on the computer and the kids come up to me and say lets read together mom.
    I loved reading Laura Ingalls books as a kid with my mom and feeling like we are there and I try to do the same with my kids- make them feel like they are there in the books- in the story.

    would love In the Beginning by Chuck Fischer but the other would be fine but first choice is In the Beginning by Chuck Fischer

  6. I forgot to mention that my entry was for the Cranium FunFolio (although, I’d be happy with the other one, too).

  7. I love reading the Narnia series to my boys. They are only 7 and 4, but they sit playing with toys on the floor listening carefully at the same time. At first I thought they weren’t paying attention, but when I stopped reading they begged for more. I know I enjoyed the Narnia series when I was a kid, so it’s fun to share that with my kids.

    I would like to enter for “In the Beginning.”

  8. I’d like to sign up for In The Beginning.

    One memory I’ll always treasure is when my oldest was probably 2 years old and she constantly had me read her books over and over and over…we’d read the same book several times in a row. I had them all memorized.

    Then one day she opens up Brown Bear Brown Bear and starts to “read” it herself…she said “Brown Bear brown bear, look at me!” with the same voice inflection that I used when I’d read it. Cute!

  9. My entry is for ‘In the Beginnning’. I remember when the kids first started to be able to move to the simplest of stories and we had a book about Grover. Well, I discovered that I could do Grover’s voice pretty well so the kids would just look at me so enchanted as I read the book in his voice. It really made it special for them and it spurred me to read in voices as much as possible in as many different books as possible. They love it!

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