Book Expo America – The Book Report

They have arrived! It was a hard decision, but shipping is cheaper than airline fees! So, all but two books went into a box and came to me via UPS. Four boxes will help so many kids.

As I mentioned before, Book Expo America is our opportunity to say thank you to the many authors and publishers who have generously donated books to us. It was great to meet Carl R. Sams (Lost in the Woods, Stranger in the Wood). When I told my daughter I met and took a picture of the two people who gave voice to the animals in the Lost in the Wood video, I was instructed to come home RIGHT NOW! She needed to see that picture. That was Friday and I still had two days to go!

Before I go any further, I need to give a HUGE thank you to the Dreamdog Foundation. Rainey generously donated a case (50) of mixed-title picture books. They will be going to at-risk readers as part of our Read it Together project.

Now that the books are here, we have plenty to do, and Catherine helped me sort the boxes … selecting which ones we need to read first.

Her lets-do-this-one-NOW choice was Tickle Monster by Josie Bissett and Kevan J. Atteberry. We have already read Tickle Monster about a half-dozen times. Now she giggles before we even open the cover. It is a really cute book, destined to become a favorite with toddlers and preschoolers who just love giggling and rhyming and silly time with mom and dad. (Compendium, Incorporated, 2008)

Here are some of the titles that look really interesting.

Barrington Bear Visits the Emperor: The Emperor Penguin That is by Keith Szafranski. This is a photographic story, and the first “Beary Exciting Story” in the Travels with Barrington Bear Series. If you get a chance, flip through the book. Barrington is adorable and the photographs are cute. (A Small Bear Publishing, 2007)

The Boffelgagging Blundernagging Brothers in The Curse of the Bog Frog by Aaron Mason and Doug Warr, Illustrated by Jason Walton. One word: Awesome. This is a book that gamers (read: non-reading boys) will love. It has the action and graphics they crave. But, as the authors so proudly showed me, it can be a wordless book, too. You can follow every frame and know exactly what happens … until the twist at the end. (WhirlWhim Publishing, 2008)

Under the Night Sky by Amy Lundebrek, Illustrated by Anna Rich. Tilbury House Publishers isn’t one we’d heard of before … but their books are so inviting. The illustrations have depth and look like they’ll hold a child’s attention while listening to the text. (Tilbury House, Publishers, 2008)

The Land of Smaerd by Andrea vonBotefuhr, Illustrated by Bryn Barnard. Large text and imaginative illustrations make this a reach-out-and-touch book. I haven’t read it yet, but thumbing through it, the color and style remind you of Illumination Arts books. The book will be released in September 2008. (Know Wonder Publishing, 2008)

Look for more titles in our “Reading Ahead” feature later this month. First I need to get them loaded into the data base.