Book Fair Opportunity: Input Needed

This weekend, I received a request that authors, publishers, and readers may be interested in. Here is the (verbatim) notice:

Baker Trittin Press is working with Christian schools in Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan to create a book fair. Administrators put it this way: “Our students need access to books that our constituency – parents, grandparents, and other supporters – can trust. We know the kinds of books that Tweener Ministries promotes through their competition and Baker Trittin Press publishes. We are interested in a book fair that represents our values. Our interest is primarily to make good books available for our community, but fund-raising opportunities are always appreciated.”

We (Baker Trittin) certainly don’t have enough titles to justify doing this beyond a short distance from our office here inWarsaw. But…We are in contact with about 100 judges and several of you are authors. So…It occurred to me that you might have titles that you or your publisher would consider placing with us on consignment (6 copies per title) as we explore the possibility of this ministry to Christian schools. We would need at least a 40% discount on list price. If the concept works, we both will profit, if it doesn’t it has cost both of us only the shipping expense.

Books for preschool to young adult would be included. If you are not an author, you might suggest titles that you would like to see in a book fair for Christian schools. We’d like your feedback to these questions:

1.I would like to participate and have these titles available:(Indicate age appropriate/reading level, list price, and cost to Baker Trittin Press)
2.I’ll check with my publisher to see if they are interested.
3.I’m not an author, but I suggest these titles:
4.I suggest that you include these CD’s and DVDs.

We need your response as soon as possible for three schools would like to schedule fall events. For further information, contact Marvin G. Baker marvin[at]btconcepts[dot]com.

The Reading Tub, Inc. is posting this notice solely for the purpose of identifying an opportunity to connect books and kids. We do not benefit from the book fair. Our goal is to help families find books they want to share with their children. Book fairs are one venue for that.