Sometimes the best recommendations come from the lists that readers put together. 

Within this section of the website you can find “best of” lists, book recommendations by theme or audience, and places you can search for your own ideas. 

If all of this is new and/or overwhelming, then take a minute to read Aaron’s article Finding the Best Children’s Books: Reviews, Lists, and Blogs [Aaron Mead @ Children’s Books and Reviews]

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Book Search Sites

Not sure where to start? Head to a search site.

Book Lists by Audience

A grand list of book lists, sorted by the age of your child.

Book Lists by Theme

Got a favorite topic? Search this collection to find book lists all about the subject.

Books to Movies

Lots of books (including picture books) have been turned into movies. The combo of the two media can be fun for audiences of all ages.

General Reading Ideas & Lists

From “Top 100” to “Best of …” There are all kinds of book lists in this collection.

Read Alikes by Audience

A read alike is a book that is similar to one you already enjoy. Typically the saying goes “if you liked …” Search this list by book title.

Read Aloud Lists and Ideas

Kids love listening to books read out loud. Check out these lists of read-out-loud books that come parent and librarian recommended.

Specialized Book Lists

This small collection has books for very specific audiences. For example, there is a book list for kids on the Autism Spectrum.

Wordless Book Lists

If you are looking for books that tell a story without any (or very little text), then you’re going to want to bookmark this collection of lists.