Book Review Update: Famous Figures of Ancient Times

On Monday, I posted a review of Famous Figures of Ancient Times for Nonfiction Monday.  Rarely do the stars align that I write about a book. I just received. For a Community event. But it all worked. Now I have an update. Even rarer!

Whenever we write a review for a book donated to us, I always send a link to the donor. In this case, it was Kate Bandos, the publicist. Kate shared our email with Cathy Diez-Luckie, author and creator of the series. Cathy also sent us a note. It is more than just a “thanks for the review,” so I got permission to share it with you.

Dear Terry,

Thank you for the wonderful review that you gave our first book, Famous Figures of Ancient Times. We appreciate all the time you took to cover it in detail and critique the areas that you would like to see expanded.

Thank you for the feedback on the inclusion of women in the book. We have received many such comments and are planning on addressing them very soon. We have plans for our series to include a book that will be dedicated to the famous women of history. The ancients will include Hatshepsut, Queen Cleopatra of Egypt, Queen Esther of Persia, Empress Lei-Tzu, Ruth, and others.  While there were many notable women in Greek and Roman antiquity, I have found that most of their life stories are somewhat “advanced” for younger children to study. We will also be offering downloadable files on our website of movable ancient women as soon as they are available. We are also including women in the future volumes of our history series.

We will also try to include more background information about each figure in our upcoming titles.

You comments in the review were greatly appreciated.

Best regards,
Cathy Diez-Luckie

Cool, huh? What a nice way to show what a balanced, thoughtful review can do. Thanks, Cathy. Your insight helps us, too.

2 responses to “Book Review Update: Famous Figures of Ancient Times

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  2. I had read the review and it was wonderful! I also liked your response. This is the type of response that attracts the attention of others in the field.
    I can’t wait for your book on women to appear. I also had received comments here in Tucson about why there were no women in your first book.
    Now I can have them look at this reply.
    May God continue to bless you as you continue on your journey.

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