Book Talk: Halloween with Guest Contributor Brooke Todd

Thanks to Carol Rasco’s generosity (i.e., my guest post), I have had a number of inquiries from people interested in jumping in the Reading Tub. One of those is Brooke Todd, a freelance writer and reading teacher in Albany, NY.

Halloween lists can be found all around the Kidlitosphere, and I was looking for something fresh … and along comes Brooke, who sent us her list of  13 Spooky Books for Kids. These are books which, in her experience, are “are sure to delight young readers!” As you can see, her list offers summaries, but doesn’t give away the whole plot. That would take all the fun out!!

Brooke Todd is a freelance writer, and reading teacher from Albany, NY. Brooke enjoys reading and writing about children’s literature and sharing her knowledge with others. Brooke is passionate about literacy and takes great value in promoting literature to parents, children and the community at large.

13 Spooky Books for Kids

[openbook booknumber=”ISBN:9780547248783″ templatenumber=”2″] Two siblings visit their grandmother’s inn where they encounter three restless ghosts who need their help to fight an evil greater than their own. Ages 9-12

[openbook booknumber=”ISBN:0152020047″ templatenumber=”2″] Weird things have been happening since a plastic skeleton made its dwelling high up in a sycamore tree. Ages 4-8

[openbook booknumber=”ISBN:0689307004″ templatenumber=”2″] Harold the dog and Chester the cat are determined to find out if a fluffy bunny is a vampire in disguise. Ages 9-12

[openbook booknumber=”ISBN:1894877020″ templatenumber=”2″] This frightening collection of stories taken from folklore will truly send bone-shattering chills down your spine. Ages 9-12

[openbook booknumber=”ISBN:9780439576888″ templatenumber=”2″] After Coraline steps into another world, she is enthralled with her new, seemingly perfect life. However, Coraline soon learns that things aren’t always what they seem. Ages 9-12 our book talk

[openbook booknumber=”ISBN:9780439671149″ templatenumber=”2″] Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or a tombstone for that matter), then you may have heard of this popular horror series that’s been terrifying kids since 1992. Amassing over 150 titles, Goosebumps collections include, Original Goosebumps, Goosebumps 2000, Give Yourself Goosebumps, Tales to Give You Goosebumps, Goosebumps Triple Header and various Super Editions. Ages 9-12

[openbook booknumber=”ISBN:9780762428205″ templatenumber=”2″] This spooky and humorous collection of Halloween poems will fright and delight young readers. Ages 4-8

[openbook booknumber=”ISBN:9780785705420″ templatenumber=”2″] Follow Ichabod Crane into the shadowy woods where he encounters the mysterious and fearsome Headless Horseman, in this adapted version for younger readers. Ages 4-8

[openbook booknumber=”ISBN:9780833526731″ templatenumber=”2″] A little old lady bravely encounters oodles of spooks in the deep, dark woods. Ages 4-8 our book talk

[openbook booknumber=”ISBN:0395716918″ templatenumber=”2″] When Gritch the Witch takes a trip to Old MacDonald’s farm to find plump, juicy piggies for her piggy pie, she finds a Big Bad Wolf instead. Ages 4-8

[openbook booknumber=”ISBN:0397319266″ templatenumber=”2″] A dash of humor, a splash of gore, a heap of spine-tingling fright; one can’t help but turn the pages and devour each and every sickening bite. Follow-up titles include, More Scary Stories to Read in the Dark, and Scary Stories 3: More Tales to Chill Your Bones. Ages 9-12

[openbook booknumber=”ISBN:0140340203″ templatenumber=”2″] The witches simply despise little children and love turning them into wretched, little creatures, as one seven-year old boy soon discovers. Ages 9-12

[openbook booknumber=”ISBN:9780440497271″ templatenumber=”2″] A young girl is convinced that her cat, Worm, cast an evil spell on her and is making her do awful things. Ages 9-12

We recently opened an aStore on Amazon to feature children’s book recommendations built around themes and seasons, and you’ll find these titles and more at the Reading Tub Recommends store. We hope to add a similar store in IndieBound.

Note: IndieBound and Amazon links in the 13 Spooky Stories list include our affiliate codes. If you click those links and then  make purchases, a portion of the earnings may come to us. This is NO added cost to you. We are not implying that you buy the book, only making that option available.

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