Books for Christmas – Fa La La La La …

I hope you’ve been enjoying a relaxing, memorable holiday break. Although I’m not technically back in the office until next week, I’ve been sneaking into the office periodically (read: when Bill takes Catherine to swim practice) to see who’s around and what’s going on.

Following Charlotte’s example at Charlotte’s Library, I thought I would share the new books in our collection. I took these pics on Sunday morning, before we caught up with my brother and his family to exchange gifts, so there is one more book for us Catherine.

As I’ve mentioned before, my Dad is a H-U-G-E reader, so he selects a lot of the books and is the sole giver. In the package of books for Catherine, he added a note that “this is a gift you can enjoy when you snuggle under the covers at night.”

For Catherine …

Ant Attack! (Science Solves It) by Anne James
The Green Dog (Science Solves It) by Melinda Luke
Ivy + Bean Break the Fossil Record and Ivy + Bean Doomed to Dance by Annie Barrows
The Rainbow Mystery (Science Solves It) by Jennifer Dussling
Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein, 25th Anniversary Edition with CD

For Dad Bill …
Gabby: Confessions of a Hockey Lifer by Bruce Boudrous. When Bill saw a review in the Washington Post, his interest was piqued. Dad delivered.
Perfect: Don Larsen’s Miraculous World Series Game and the Men Who Made It Happen by Lew Paper. Dad heard a review of this on NPR and thought of his only son-in-law.
Three Cups of Tea: One Man’s Mission to Promote Peace … One School at a Time by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin. I got this one for Bill

For Mom Me …
Everything I Need to Know I Learned from a Children’s Book by Anita Silvey. This is a book I asked for. Thanks, Dad!
Southern Living Annual Recipes 2009 editors of Southern Living Magazine. Thanks, Mom!

Our gift to each other was our Nook. I can see how it could be addictive. It is easy to manipulate and I love the features.

Now, I will confess that as much as I love books, the coolest gift under the tree was the Build Your Own Kaleidoscope kit my folks gave Catherine. It is SO cool.

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13 responses to “Books for Christmas – Fa La La La La …

  1. I am delighted that you got Anita Silvey’s book ALL I NEED TO KNOW, I LEARNED FROM CHILDREN’S BOOKS. Hope that you have had time to enjoy a few of the entries.

    We sure will miss you at Booklights. Ann

    1. Merry Christmas, Ann! I was so tickled when I opened it. Dad and I both browsed it and found some very interesting stories. I am looking forward to an afternoon or two this week sitting with some cocoa and reading more closely.

  2. What is a Nook? I thought at first you and Bill made a new special cosy place just for reading, an idea I love. But then I read the next sentence over and i am wondering how you would manipulate that kind of nook.

    Love your books. LOVE that kaleidoscope (would your Mom and Dad like to adopt an Australian?). Glad to hear you had a wonderful Christmas!

    1. What? The Chook didn’t know about a gadget? What is this world coming to? A Nook is the Barnes & Noble version of a Kindle. I picked it over Kindle and Sony because (a) you can load PDFs onto it; and (b) you can trade books with friends. You can also go into a bricks-and-mortar B&N and preview books on the device. I like that you get little daily articles, though I wish I could select a couple of my favorite blogs to feed to it. We figured one between us would be perfect since it is perfect for traveling and we don’t both travel at the same time. Bill is forever buying books in airports because he’s run out of reading. This is cheaper, he can preload it with some free books (read: classics); and it won’t take up as much space!

    2. Oh! And I’ll ask Mom and Dad about adopting an Aussie! You’d love their house … there isn’t one room that doesn’t have bookshelves in it. Well, maybe the bathroom.

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    1. I really like the Science Solves It series. We read Bugged! by Michelle Knudsen last year. I loved the quality of the story and the ways the author weaved the scientific process into the story (not just the answer). Can’t wait to hear what your daughter thinks!

  4. I need to get my hands on Anita Silvey’s book too! No matter how many books one gets, there are always more….like dirty dishes, only better, of course.

  5. You know, I swear I haven’t seen any Nooks over here. And I don’t have a reading gadget other than my computer screen. When I take a break, I need a print book to rest my eyes on! But I love the idea of traveling overseas with one. I also don’t “think” Australia has Barnes and Noble. Is that the store in the US where you walk in and smell coffee, and they actually encourage you to sit in comfy chairs and read? We need a store like that!

  6. Susan – Yes, B&N is the spot for going to the bookstore and smelling coffee. Ours has a Cheescake Factory in the Starbucks part … and some REALLY GOOD teas! I even have Bill hooked on the Harley & Sons Hoilday Tea.

    When you come to visit, I’ll give you unlimited use of the Nook! Hey, maybe I should make that part of our Inn package. Ha!

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