give books to kidsideas for book giftsTOP 5 Reasons
To Give Books as Gifts

There are so many great (valid) reasons why giving books as gifts are a great idea. We’re going to share our top five.

And I think you’ll be surprised that NONE of them are directly related to reading or learning to read!

#5. Books fit any and every occasion.
Birthday, holiday, graduation, baby shower … a book is perfect for every special day, and you are sure to find a gift that your recipient will love. Which leads us to …

#4. Sharing!
The great thing about a book is that it can be shared. Books for children, in particular, are meant to be read aloud and bring enjoyment to everyone. Even chapter books are shared. Whether you read them aloud as a family or your teen gives it to a friend because they loved it so much. And that leads to …

#3. Books are gifts that keep giving. 
Whether it is the reader themselves or someone reading to them, books can be shared over and over. No batteries required AND they are totally portable so you can take them anywhere.

#2. Books are the ideal hand-me-down! 
When it comes to children’s books, some books are keepers, and others (like easy readers) the kids are going to outgrow. Odds are, those books won’t end up in the trash. They’ll be handed down to a younger sibling and, when the youngest child is through, donated so it can be loved by a new reader.

#1. They show you care.
Gift cards have their place, but everyone appreciates a gift that shows you put some thinking into it. Selecting a book – or getting a recommendation from someone who can match your recipient’s interests with a title – shows that you want to give them something they will like.

When you find that just-right book, it is a treasure that the recipient wants to keep forever. It becomes more than “just” a book because now it holds memories and evokes feelings.

Is there any better gift than that?