Books We Read – August

We have been busy reading – mostly library books – but are way behind on reviewing. I expect to remedy that in the coming weeks. To help get caught up, I probably won’t publish an August edition of Books We Read. I will keep track of what we’re reading and reviewing, but there is just too much going on before school starts on August 25th to try to wedge this into the schedule, too.

If you have read and reviewed one of the books, please feel free to add it to the Website; add a link in the comments here; or send me an email at thereadingtub [at] gmail [dot] com with “book review” in the title. By linking back, I can send traffic your way, and I am happy to do it.

Received: 38
New Reads: 24
New Reviews: 20

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Favorite Re-Reads (kid picks)

our book talk [openbook booknumber=”9780761455752″ templatenumber=”3″] _____

our book talk [openbook booknumber=”9780689809644″ templatenumber=”3″] _____

our book talk [openbook booknumber=”0967174880″ templatenumber=”3″] _____

[openbook booknumber=”1402703643″ templatenumber=”3″] _____

[openbook booknumber=”9780670888160″ templatenumber=”3″] _____

Reading Beyond the Books

interactive literacy toolsour book talk The Storyworld Box: Create-a-Story Kit
by John Matthews and Caitlin Matthews

(Templar/Candlewick Press, 2010)

Bilingual Books (All Audiences)

None this month.

Picture Books (All Audiences)

funny picture bookour book talk Chicken Big
written and illustrated by Keith Graves [openbook booknumber=”9780811872379″]


folk talesour book talk [openbook booknumber=”9780938317999″ templatenumber=”3″]


rhyming picture book our book talk [openbook booknumber=”9780761456223″ templatenumber=”3″] _____

our book talk [openbook booknumber=”9780972661423″ templatenumber=”3″]


Chinese folktale our book talk [openbook booknumber=”9781592701025″ templatenumber=”3″]

illustrated atlas for kids our book talk [openbook booknumber=”978-0753459140″ templatenumber=”3″]


picture book about libraries [openbook booknumber=”9780763622626″ templatenumber=”3″]



Brandon Mull picture bookour book talk [openbook booknumber=”9781606411094″ templatenumber=”3″] _____

our book talk [openbook booknumber=”9780763626112″ templatenumber=”3″] _____

Hans Christian Andersen our book talk [openbook booknumber=”9781592700691″ templatenumber=”3″] _____

Easy Readers (for New and Developing Readers)

None this month.

Illustrated Short Chapter Books

Mercury 13 Astronautsour book talk [openbook booknumber=”9780763636111″ templatenumber=”3″] _____

Frederick and Ishbu series our book talk [openbook booknumber=”9780761455448″ templatenumber=”3″]

Ms. Wiz series by Terence Blacker our book talk [openbook booknumber=”9780761455578″ templatenumber=”3″]

Terence Blacker series our book talk [openbook booknumber=”9780761455561″ templatenumber=”3″]

graphic novel for newly independent readersour book talk Max Disaster 1: Alien Eraser to the Rescue
by Marissa Moss (Candlewick Press, 2009) [openbook booknumber=”9780763644079″] _____

graphic novel for newly independent readersour book talk Max Disaster 2: Alien Eraser Unravels the Mystery of the Pyramids
by Marissa Moss (Candlewick Press, 2009) [openbook booknumber=”9780763644086″] _____

Sewing a Friendship by Natalie TintiSewing a Friendship
written and illustrated by Natalie Tinti (Natalie Tinti, 2009) [openbook booknumber=”9780984262519″]

Middle Grade Chapter Books (Fiction and Nonfiction)

Dear America series[openbook booknumber=”978-0545224185″ templatenumber=”3″] _____

Ashton Place series our book talk [openbook booknumber=”9780061791055″ templatenumber=”3″] _____

graphic novel classic our book talk The Invisible Man by HG Wells
adapted by Sean Taylor (Campfire Editions, 2009) [openbook booknumber=”9788190782937″] ______

graphic novels for teensour book talk [openbook booknumber=”9781599901428″ templatenumber=”3″]

fractured fairy tale for teensour book talk [openbook booknumber=”9780091824982″ templatenumber=”3″]

Young Adult Chapter Books (Fiction and Nonfiction)

young adult vampire bookour book talk [openbook booknumber=”9780061284441″ templatenumber=”3″]
Classics in graphic novelsMary Shelley’s Frankenstein
adapted by Lloyd S. Wagner (Campfire Edition, 2010) [openbook booknumber=”9789380028248″] _____

historical fiction about Queen Victoria our book talk Prisoners in the Palace: How Princess Victoria became Queen with the Help of Her Maid, a Reporter, and a Scoundrel
by Michaela Maccoll book review page [openbook booknumber=”978-0811873000″]

Reviews Promised Last Month …

Bamboo People by Mitali Perkins [openbook booknumber=”9781580893282″] _____

Lincoln and His Boys by Rosemary Wells; ill P.J. Lynch [openbook booknumber=”9780763637231″] _____

Noonie’s Masterpiece by Lisa Railsback; ill by Sarajo Frieden [openbook booknumber=”9780811866545″] _____

Zora and Me by Victoria Bond and T.R. Simon [openbook booknumber=”9780763643003″]


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