Call me Delinquent, Odd Duck, and Judge

With deep apologies to our ROCKING Category Organizer, Fiona Bayrock, I am way behind in sharing some news with the world.

I am among an amazing team of panelists and judges for the Nonfiction Picture Book category for this year’s Children’s and Young Adult Bloggers Literary Awards (aka Cybils).

My first “introduction” to Fiona was during our first Share a Story – Shape a Future literacy blog tour in 2008. I fell in love with her book Bubble Homes and Fish Farts, then … and am now a groupie (shhh! don’t tell. Delinquents are not good fan girls!)

Yes, I am still the organizer for the Easy Reader / Early Chapter Book category… and I will read every book along with our panelists and judges. I decided that as a first-time organizer with only round-1 experience, I would like to facilitate the process this time around. I’m odd-woman-out among the organizers this year, but that’s okay!

In describing the Nonfiction Picture Book category, Fiona reminds us that

Kids are curious about absolutely anything, so that’s what the books in the non-fiction picture book category will be about–absolutely anything! … Science, art, history, sports, current events–and more–are all fair game, from slice-of-life biographies and other true stories kids will read beginning-to-end, to list books and other compendiums of information that will delight the browsers in the crowd.

Right up my alley: connecting the reader with a book that nurtures their curiosity, sparks discovery, and “reads” the way they read. So without further ado, let me share with you all of the folks who will be sharing in all this fun. In addition to including links to their blogs, I’ve got either their tagline or a catchy excerpt from their About Me page!

Round One Panelists

Fiona Bayrock, Books and ‘Rocks.
The meanderings and musings of a children’s author as she ponders the writing life, the process of writing, the biz, the good books she’s read lately, and how all that fits into her family, the ‘Rocks’

Janssen Bradshaw, Everyday Reading
Obviously, I love reading (especially young adult books and anything that has won an award), and I like to cook (particularly desserts). And, in case you haven’t recognized it yet, I totally love to abuse parentheses.

Susan Murray, From Tots to Teens
I read all sorts of books for children and teens, including picture books, nonfiction and fiction, so come along for the ride!!

Cathy Potter, The Nonfiction Detectives
Two intrepid librarians, one works in a school library and the other in a public library, together explore nonfiction titles to find the best for the children they service.

Laurie Thompson, Laurie Thompson
I am a children’s book author who specializes in nonfiction about social issues, math, and science. I’m an advocate for youth empowerment and a sucker for underdogs.

Jennifer Wharton, Jean Little Library
The library and reading journal of Jennifer, Librarian of the Jean Little Library.

Paula Willey, Pink Me
I used to garden, but now I just write. I used to work in museums, but now I work in the library. I used to watch TV – oh god I miss TV – but we gave it up for the sake of the children, and now I have to wait ’til the library gets the new season of Dexter on DVD. I like science, and rock and roll, and you do NOT want to know about the grownup fiction I read. Filthy. I teach Circus Arts (hula hooping, slapstick, etc.) at the elementary school. I dye my hair pink. I am not fooling around, mister.


Round Two Judges

Adrienne Mason, Tough City Writer
I’m a writer and editor lucky enough to live in the little town of Tofino (aka Tough City). I have no real agenda here, other than to talk about books, writing, reading, occasionally my own writing, and other subjects of questionable worth.

Lisa Taylor, Shelf-employed
Reviews (and news) you can use – for busy librarians, teachers and caregivers. A public librarian’s look at books, audiobooks, websites, and movies for children and young adults. Reviews, booktalks, podcasts and videos.

Karen Terlecky, Literate Lives
Good books and how to use ’em with kids.

Laura Wadley, PCL Children’s Book Review
The staff at Provo City Library shares with you books we’ve recently read and have reviewed.

and me, Terry Doherty

Oh, this is gonna be fun!!




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