Children’s Literacy and Reading News Roundup: 27 July

jkrROUNDUPThis week Jen Robinson is hosting our children’s literacy and reading news round-up. The roundups are brought to you by Jen Robinson’s Book Page and Scrub-a-Dub-Tub, a Reading Tub blog. Jen and I collected plenty of content for you about literacy and reading-related events; raising readers; literacy and reading programs and research; 21st century literacies; grants, sponsorships and donations; and other new resources. We hope you’ll find some useful information.

There is lots of great stuff, but since this is the first day of United We Serve’s Education Week, I want to highlight Jen’s first item about First Book’s invitation for all of us to participate by reading with our kids. The nice thing about reading is that it can be as simple as taking some time to share a book with your own child or as broad as volunteering at your library. Being a part of United We Serve’s education initiatives is easy.

  • Read the United We Serve Reader Toolkit for ideas on ways to get started.
  • Check out Read for Change, a Reading is Fundamental (RIF) campaign that helps you log the time you spend reading with kids.
  • Or search the volunteer opportunities data base on the the United We Serve website to find readers-in-need in your community.

If you have ideas on ways we can help kids become successful readers, be sure to visit the literacy roundup at Jen’s and leave a comment.

This week, Roberta Gibson is hosting the Nonfiction Monday roundup at Wrapped in Foil. [I love that name!]

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  1. The idea of adding the links sort of just came to me this morning as I was putting it together and clicking through the links you had in the post. I’m not sure what possessed me to start including Nonfiction Monday, but now it’s become a habit. I don’t mind publishing the link every week … it actually gives me something to write about on the “off week.”

  2. I think that offering additional links for Education Week is perfect, Terry. Thanks! And I always forget Nonfiction Monday, because I’m doing my posts early Sunday. So thanks for that, too.

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