Children’s Literacy Roundup – 23 February

The current edition of the children’s literacy and reading news round-up, is now available at Jen Robinson’s Book Page. As we do each week, Jen and I have been collecting news about literacy and reading, ideas for raising readers, book-ish events, 21st century literacies; and newly discovered resources. We hope that you’ll find something of interest.

suess31Last week we celebrated Kids Heart Authors Day, but there are plenty of events on the horizon — Next Monday is Read Across America.  Gail Gauthier is reading her book A Girl, a Boy, and Three Robbers with several kindergarten classes. Do you have plans?

Jen has several links to a discussion about Jay Matthews’ column about boosting school’s value without spending any  money (18 February 2009 edition). Over at the Reading Zone, Sarah Mulhern shared her excitement about the idea of replacing homework with reading for elementary students:

Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  This would be absolutely invaluable for our students.  And I can take it one step further- instead of questioning a few students each day, run reading workshop.  Conference with students, have them complete letter essays in the upper grades, and otherwise engage them with their reading.  If only this would actually happen….

Jen has lots of news about books and the future of reading, too. Be sure to check it out.

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