Cybils 2009 is Underway

Yeah! It’s here! We can now start nominating books for the 2009 Children’s Book and Young Adult Bloggers  Literary Award. Thanks to the genius of Sheila Ruth, the organizers are using a form t0 collect nominations. Much, much easier.

Yes, you have to get the ISBN, but if you open a second tab or window to your favorite bookseller, all you need to do is type in your title of interest, scroll down on the page until you see “ISBN,” then highlight, copy, and paste into the form. Voila! You’re done  … unless of course your book is already nominated (like my nonfiction picture book was!).

As promised, I have updated my Cybils widget. You can click on the links for any of the categories and you’ll see the up-to-date nominations list. This is a handy tool for collecting lists of some favorite reads over the past year.

Off to finish voting …

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