CYBILS AWARD: Thanks Gerald & Piggie (oh, and Mo Willems, too)

Gerald and Piggie, stars of many a Mo Willems easy reader, need no introduction …

Last week, I Broke My Trunk, the latest in the Elephant and Piggie Series, won the CYBILS in the Easy Reader Category. About a day later, Mo Willems posted that visual thank you on his blog, Mo Willems Doodles.

Here are a pair of additional Mo Willems Doodles of E&P that have won in the CYBILS Easy Reader Category. The one on the left for 2011 and the one on the right for 2009 and 2010.

…. ….. ….

2011 – We Are In a Book       2010 – Watch Me Throw the Ball    2009 – I Love My Toy

One of the things that made this year’s post so cool was how Mo described we Cybilites (that would be the Overlord, organizers, first round panelists and second round judges, to name a few) …

The CYBILs are run by kids book advocates who share their passion for books via the internet in the form of blogging, tweeting, and generally being loud-mouths for books.

To see some of the other thank-yous and shout outs – and there are some pretty cool ones! – check the @Cybils Stream on Twitter … or on the Cybils blog.

I’m a loud-mouth for books … and darned proud of it, too!


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  1. SO glad you found us, and thanks for stopping by, Pam! One of the greatest assets of the Cybils is that the finalist lists (and the award winners) offer reader-tested books that look for the best in kid friendliness and literary quality!

    Hope you visit the site in your effort to raise some bookworms!

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