#Cybils Nonfiction Book Reviews

One of the reasons things have been a bit quiet around here is because I was off reading some amazing books!

I had the honor of being on a judging panel with Karen Yingling (Ms. Yingling Reads); Katy Manck (Good Reads with Ronna); Adrienne Gillespie (Books and Bassetts); and Wendy Gassaway (Falconer’s Library).

Our mission, since we chose to accept it, was to pick the winners from the 2018 Cybils Finalists – Jr. High and Sr. High Nonfiction category.

This was not an easy task. Each of these books has something unique to offer young readers. Even better, they can spark some great conversations! Be careful! Dismissing them as “just history” books could rob you of the chance to learn about some fascinating people. Methinks you’ll be surprised to learn:

  • The first person to try to kill Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a woman.
  • The decision to fight for a woman’s right to vote came during an afternoon tea among five friends.
  • More people died on the S.S. Eastland than on the RMS Titanic.
  • Scientists continue to find mercury in the soil in areas where the Lewis and Clark expedition traveled (1803-1806).

Over the coming weeks, I’ll continue to add more reviews to the Book Bag, but for now, I’ll share these first six.

Cybils Finalists Book Reviews

The winner is listed first for each category.

Senior High Nonfiction

Junior High Nonfiction