#Cybils Short Lists are Here!

The announcement of the Children’s and Young Adult Bloggers Literary Awards (aka Cybils) is one of my favorite New Year’s Day traditions. Yes, I know we’re starting week 3 of 2019, but I waited to post to make a point: great reads don’t have expiration dates.

Reading a Cybils Finalist List is like getting a recommendation from your BFF. The readers who create these lists are people who read themselves and/or read with kids. They know their audience and they know great books.

On a personal note, I am excited about diving into the nonfiction books. I am returning to the Cybils as a Round 2 Judge in the Junior High/Senior High Nonfiction category. Every title sounds intriguing, and I imagine we have our work cut out for us.

Winners will be announced on 14 February 2019. I’ll start posting reviews later in February.