CYBILS Shortlists and Other News

The office is technically still closed until Monday, but I’ve been periodically sneaking in to check the Reader and keep up with the Email. I promise to keep this short and sweet.

Yesterday the Cybils short Lists were announced. Head over to the Cybils blog to see the lists of finalists in each of the nine categories … or at least your favorite genre. I had the honor of reading and chatting with the panelists for the Easy Readers. Now it will be fun to see what the judges think. I am still making my way through each of the lists.

Ali, over at the blog Diversity Rocks! is organizing a challenge to encourage us to diversify our reading this year. The idea is to have a more rounded portfolio of books by reading authors whose culture, ethnicity, or nationality are different from ours. I am not one for joining challenges, but I am always up for learning, reading new authors, and being inspired, so I’m going to try this. Look for my challenge list (I’m going to commit to 6 books) in the next few days.

If you’re not interested in challenges but want to “do more” with your reading and/or try your hand at blogging about books this year, head over to the Well-Read Ladies blog. In December, Jill Tullo of the Well-Read Child created the Well-Read Ladies book club as a tribute to her aunt. Here is a link to book club’s inspiration and her ideas for this virtual conversation.

I feel like I’m forgetting one other item. When I think of it, I’ll sneak back in the office!