Cybils –

In my post the other day, I wrote a letter to our judges as a way of introducing the short lists for the Easy Reader and Early Chapter Book Category.

In 2010, Stacey Loscalzo and I were panelists for this category of the Cybils. This year, Stacey is a judge. In early December, Stacey sent me a lovely note, and I want to share part of it, because I think it resonates with the spirit of the Cybils and the passion of readers.

I just re-read your beautiful post … I feel like I know your dad and I love him already!! I’ll be thinking of you and will look forward to our time together during Cybils season. I wonder what book your dad would want to win!? I can tell he would have had an opinion!!

Yep, a reader wears his / her love of books on their sleeves. I will tell you that there are at least two I know he’d absolutely adore, and I can hear him laughing out loud!

Onward Cybils!