Daily Blurb: The Wash Rag Returns

I know, I know … things are dry here all summer, and now I can’t stop writing. I will get around to that farewell Booklights post one of these days, but for now I’m moving forward.

Awhile ago I announced that I was bringing back the Wash Rag. Instead of putting together a quarterly newsletter, we would have a periodic news service. I felt like we needed to stretch again. I had abandoned the newsletter in 2008, but not having one kept nagging at me.

Reading Tub newsletterToday, I published our first edition. Each edition will be tailored to your audience of interest: 0 to 4, 5 to 9, and 10 & up. Since we’re drawing from the blog, our current reading list on Goodreads, and Twitter, some content may overlap. The heart of each edition, though, will be a short list of books our reviewers are raving about and interviews with authors who write for that audience. The Wash Rag pictured here went to our “5 to 8” subscribers.

This is an email only product, so if you’re interested, please join our Wash Rag subscriber list. Yes, putting this product together is a little more time intensive – at least until I really get going – but long-term, I think it will be worth it. It is the only way to accomplish these two goals:

* Only publish what is relevant to you.

* Put it in a format that lets you process and use it.

For now, this will be an ad hoc publication. We will only publish when there is enough relevant content. I have a stuffed inbox, so I don’t want to contribute to yours.

We hope you’ll sign up! If you’ve already signed up, THANK YOU! Just please make sure you have marked what age groups interests you.

If you’d like to help with the Wash Rag we would love the assistance! And authors … give us a jingle if you’re interested in an interview.


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