Did you know ...

90% of a child's brain develops in the first five years of life?

Parents are a child’s first teacher and they play a crucial role in helping a child build the foundation that gets them ready for literacy. Not just reading, but writing, communications, and analytical thinking.

The most influential people
in the process of learning to read
are parents.

While many parents know the value of reading a book to a child, they may not feel as confident when it comes to helping a child with writing or the other elements of becoming a successful person.

They want help, and that is why they come to us! The Reading Tub is a nonprofit by parents, for parents. We know about trying to do it all and feeling overwhelmed at the mere idea of having to do “one more thing" to help our child with literacy. 

Our volunteers dedicate their time not just helping match kids with books, they find activities and sharing ideas that seamlessly fit into family life and that busy schedule. They are dedicated to making it as easy as possible to incorporate literacy into everyday life and, in doing so, give parents the chance to model success!

The latest National Report Card shows declining literacy skills in our youth. That isn’t going to change unless the private, nonprofit sector steps up.

Our fundraising efforts have one goal: take support for families to the next level by building a free, personalized literacy-on-demand capability. Smartphone access has nearly surpassed broadband internet access even among those living near the poverty level.

Our volunteers curate the best resources and create original content so that busy parents can access literacy tools even on short breaks.

We work for free so that every penny of your donation goes to our critical work of ensuring that those without financial resources have free access to the tools they desperately need. It isn’t flashy, and there isn’t any swag, but more than 15,000 people access our literacy portal every month and our next step is to create something the allows them to customize the space to their needs! For free. 

Thank you for your support.  Your donation is most appreciated.

Give the Gift of Literacy

The Reading Tub welcomes memorial donations. They are a priceless gift as they recognize someone very special to you as well as paying forward a gift of literacy to children and families.
Why a literacy gift? Maybe this is you:
  • I prefer philanthropy to “stuff." My kids don’t need more stuff.
  • My mom read bedtime stories to me as a child. They were some of my favorite memories.
  • My neighbor tutored kids who needed help with reading. I would like to do something in his name.

Other Ways to Help


We have partnered with Bookshop.org to give readers an option on where to purchase books for their child’s personal library. What we love about Bookshop is that it allows you to shop local and support independent bookstores. Browse our store to find teen and parent-recommended titles.


Our Amazon Kids link gives you direct access to the full range of Amazon products and helps us by providing income that allows us to get books to readers in need.

We also have links to the Apple Store where you can browse, download, and/or buy Apps, audiobooks, movies, music, TV shows, and more.

Understanding Charitable Donations

For a complete guide to understanding charitable contributions and tax deductions, we recommend IRS Publication 1771. This 6-page brochure (PDF) provides everything you need to know about making tax-deductible contributions to nonprofits and charities.

IMPORTANT: If you wish to remain be an Anonymous Donor you MUST include remain anonymous in the NOTE section of your order. We do not post our donors’ names on the Website, without their permission. By leaving the note blank, you give us permission to post your name.