Easter Books for Kids

It just dawned on me, as I was preparing my Google adWords campaign, that I can post links to some of our favorite Easter books right here in the blog … so check ’em out. Some are more about Easter, some are just springtime and bunnies.

Journey, Easter Journey
by Dandi Daley Mackall. The story chronicles Jesus’ life, from birth to his death and resurrection. This is an Easter poem.

The Golden Egg Book by Margaret Wise Brown. A bunny finds an egg and dreams of whats inside, and finds the reality better than he could have hoped. This book introduces friendship in a sweet, fun, manner.

The Colt and the King by Marni McGee. An old donkey recalls the story of the day he was sold to strangers who needed a donkey that had never been ridden. When Jesus, the man he was to carry comforts him, his fear is replaced by pride and a desire to protect him from an “unsettling crowd.” This is the story of Jesus’ arrival in Jerusalem on what is now Palm Sunday.

Hopalong Jack and the Blue Bunnies by Jeri Landers. With so many brother and sister bunnies, Jack desperately wants to find something that makes him stand out. But each time he thinks he’s hit upon the perfect thing, his brothers and sisters copy him. Ultimately, he learns that being unique comes from the inside. This is a picture book with a moral about understanding and accepting yourself.

Caterpillar Spring, Butterfly Summer by Susan Hood. A caterpillar makes friends with other insects, but is disappointed when they all fly away. After the caterpillar goes to sleep in its cocoon, he emerges as a beautiful butterfly, able to fly with his friends.

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  1. What a treat to see Terry’s review of THE COLT AND THE KING! That pleasure is mixed with sadness though. . . John Winch, the extraordinary artist who illustrated that book, died from lung cancer on March 28th. He was a wonderfully generous and joyous man. Incredible loss. . . but what a comfort it must be to his family and friends the world over to have his books to remember him by.
    In memoriam,
    Marni McGee

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