Family Dynamics: The Best Books on a Theme:

In the last few days, I’ve gotten two messages from kidlit bloggers are putting together best-of-the-best booklists on specific themes.

At Swimming in Literary Soup, Andrea is “looking for that ‘clump’ of books that hint at the possibility that parents are actually people. Her criteria: “really great illustrated story books (ie. not concept books) that do a great job to introduce, enlighten, inform us, inspire thought and conversation etc about two topics:

  • ordinary run-of-the-mill family dysfunction (like bickering, grumpiness, visiting relatives, etc.)
  • body image … specifically the external pressures that affect our perceptions of ourselves as girls and women.

Stop by to leave a comment on her post … or just stop by. The blog title should be enough to make you want to learn more.

At Mitali’s Fire Escape, author Mitali Perkins wants to put together “about” a dozen books that celebrate the relationship between a father and daughter. They can be for any audience, picture books to novels. Leave your comment and suggestion on Mitali’s blog.