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As you may have seen on Twitter the other day, the Reading Tub has launched a new initiative to bring literacy home to families.

It is called the Family Literacy Integration Project (FLIP) and it will transform (with the help of the incomparable Sheila Ruth!) The Reading Tub’s core functions into a Web App.

Cool, huh? Truth be told, our goal is a little bit bigger than creating something new and cool – we want to take access to family literacy tools to the next level!

When we started the Reading Tub 13 years ago, our website was the organization’s hub. As access to tools and content expanded, we diversified. The good news is that the variety of tools host lots of great content and ideas. The bad news is that is harder for our core constituents – whom we call Literacy First Responders – to find it.

The Family Literacy Integration Project (FLIP) will, in essence, create a Literacy Portal. Our in-depth book profiles will be more robust AND incorporate more literacy-related content.

If you’re interested, you can read the full proposal here. For those who want just the bottom line, keep reading …

Expected Outcomes

With a fully integrated Literacy Portal, the Reading Tub will better serve the needs of everyone involved in raising readers.

  • Families and caregivers benefit through improved search that “returns” both book-related content, literacy tips relevant to the age of their audience; and articles that explain literacy concepts in a way they can understand.
  • Educators and literacy specialists benefit with comprehensive access to content they don’t have time to search for all over the web: studies, analyses, and best practices articles; activities they can incorporate into their classroom or demonstrate to parents during parent-teacher meetings; and book recommendations (particularly read-alike lists and bilingual books that match the cultures of their students).

How Can I Help FLIP?

I’m so glad you asked! To make FLIP a reality, we need funding.

Thanks to sixdegrees.org and Crowdrise, we have our official fundraising campaign in place.

You can help by sharing this post on social, re-Tweeting our posts, and sending an email to the people in your life who are as passionate about literacy and reading as you are: family, friends, and newsletter subscriber list, to name a few.

Be sure to share this link with them so they can FLIP too!


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  1. Exciting stuff, Terry! I think that your idea makes a lot of sense. And having Sheila involved definitely increases your probability of success 🙂

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