Friday Blurbs

Yeah, it’s Friday! I’m late getting to the office this morning (that durned grocery shopping!), so I haven’t yet visited the Cybils website to see how the nominations are shaping up. Frankly, I spent too much time over there yesterday, so I need to spend a little more attention on MY work today.


You haven’t visited the Cybils website yet? Oh, boy, you are missing out. Do you like to shop? Do you like books? Well, then get right over there. It’s like browsing g a bookstore and running into friends and neighbors who are recommending books! Does it get any better than that?

But just to show you I am actually doing other stuff, I’ve got a few blurbs for you.

This via Rocket Blast (Reading Rockets news service) – The Associated Press published an article “More School: Obama Would Curtail Summer Vacation” (28 September 2009). Apparently, “if President Barack Obama gets his way,” American kids will have shorter summer vacations.  The purpose it to improve their academic footing with their peers around the world. IMHO now that we are not raising big, agrarian families, using the post- harvest-to-planting cycle for the school calendar doesn’t fit.

National Bookstore DaySaturday, 7 November 2009 is National Bookstore Day! From the Publisher’s Weekly (PW) Press Release (14 September 2009): “PW is committed to promoting National Bookstore Day to attract both local and national media coverage well in advance of November 7, with the goal of driving new (and loyal) customers into bookstores. We recognize that most stores already do wonderful promotions on their own throughout the year, but we want to enhance those efforts by banding together and thereby building visibility nationwide on a single day. If just 10% of independent bookstores participate in National Bookstore Day, there will be over 200 celebrations across the country.” (Read the full press statement HERE.) That’s Catherine’s eighth birthday! Maybe we could have her party at a bookstore?! Better yet, I can take a list of my Cybils-nominated titles with me and browse a while! Y-E-S! Well, maybe.

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