Friday Blurbs – Busy, Busy, Busy

Okay, the first resolution bites the dust: “I will not participate in challenges.”

Pam CoughlanI know, I know, we’re barely a week into the year. But it’s for a good cause … it’s a community thing … I’ll meet new people and grow as a blogger. One of my other goals is to move beyond apprentice, so it’s not really breaking a resolution …  [Give it up, Terry!] Yes, I am signing on for MotherReader and Lee Wind’s 2010 Comment Challenge. As a compromise, my goal will be a bit more modest than the 100 comments … we’ll go for 98. Just kidding! I am going to try to stop by two new blogs each day, rather than max on comments. It is also a good tune-up for National DeLurking Week, which is just days away.

Maw Books blog Natasha MawThis weekend, Natasha Maw is hosting her second Bloggiesta. What better way to counter the Arctic blast blanketing the country than to stay inside, nice and warm, and write or clean or tweak or just try new bloggish things.  Me? I’ll be spending two days in Lynchburg at a swim meet. I get chilly just THINKING about getting in a pool … luckily I just have to hold the video camera and cheer!

I’m sure you saw it yesterday, but I am awed and amazed that Jon Scieszka took the time to write a tailored, personal note to each of the bloggers who participated in Thank You, Jon Scieszka party at A Year of Reading. Thanks again, Mary Lee and Franki! What a fab way to start the year. In his comment in the Reading Tub, he talked about loving the term “dormant reader,” so I pointed him in the direction of Donalyn Miller and her 2009 book, The Book Whisperer: Awakening the Inner Reader in Every Child.

Happy Friday, all!


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12 responses to “Friday Blurbs – Busy, Busy, Busy

  1. I’m working towards that commenting goal too, but it’s distracting me from all the Bloggiesta things I need to get done. Eeck! Too much to do and it’s been 70 degrees or warmer where I am.

  2. Terry,

    I’m usually not up to challenges either, but this one has so many positives to it–I couldn’t resist!

    I think it’s so amazing that Jon Scieszka (I can never spell that right!) has left comments for everyone, too.

    Have a great night,

  3. But wasn’t one of your resolutions to comment more on blogs? Because if so, don’t think of Mother Reader’s scenario as a challenge as much as an event that allows you to way to keep your resolutions as opposed to breaking them 😉

    Hope the swim meet went well!

    1. True. My goal is to move beyond apprentice blogger and commenting will help me get there … the more writing the more connections the better … Thanks for the best wishes for the swim meet. She had Top 10 finishes in 8 of 10 events! Top 5 finishes in four. This was an 11 team meet, the biggest she’s ever been in. Needless to say, we are STILL beaming on this Monday morning!

  4. Yes, this challenge is different. It doesn’t count. It’s a meta-challenge.

    Silly old New Years Resolutions, anyway.

  5. Wow! Jon Scieszka know my name now! Thank you, for mentioning The Book Whisperer to him. His books have sparked the interest of many dormant readers in my classes over the years!

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