Getting Ready for Back to School

Just wanted to remind everybody that The Reading Tub, Inc. is listed with Food Lion as part of its LionShop and Share Program to support organizations working to make a difference in their local communities.

When you link your MVP card to the Reading Tub, a portion of your grocery bill goes toward the LionShop and Share Program. Each quarter, Food Lion distributes the money based on the number of organizations and the number of imprints.

Fall (the beginning of School) is the traditional renewal period for this Program. If you haven’t already, please register your MVP Card. If you previously linked your card, Thank You ! You will, however, need to re-register in the next few weeks. Here’s the link to the LionShop and Share Program Registration Page.

In order to continue into 2006, at least 25 of our more than 300 Registered Readers will need to link their cards. So please let family and friends know they can support the effort to help families read together and break the cycle of illiteracy, just by buying a can of peas!

One response to “Getting Ready for Back to School

  1. Talk about torn–on the one hand, will school ever get here? On the other, NOOOO! Summer is too much like kids ought to be–carefree and playing in the yard, not stress about homework and classes and etc.

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