Gift Ideas for Kids + Teens – It’s All in a Name

gift ideas kids teensToday let’s take a different path for our holiday book-gifting guide! Instead of recommending books with themes, we’re going to help you find books where your gift recipient is the star of the story!

Creating a personalized story is an option, but we’re going to focus on books that are already published. Essentially, the person’s name is the title of the book or is one of the key characters.

Find Board Books to Novels | Infant to Young Adult

To limit your search to just books for children and teens, use our website. When you type a name in our search box, the results will include books that have that name in the title, as a major character, or as the author.

search character name

  • From there, you can refine the search by age, genre, or type of reading.
  • The name in the title will be highlighted.
  • If the name is for a story character, click the book card to learn more about the story.
Search the Universe of Published Books

If you want to know everything that is out there, then try Listopia on Goodreads. Type the name you are searching after the phrase “character name” to see what’s available.

listopia goodreadsIf there are variations in a name, you will get that, too. For example, if you type character name Beth you will also get books where the character’s name is Elizabeth.

Note that your search will return books for all audiences, including adults. The good news is that because this is a more refined list, it is fairly quick and easy to move through them.