Happy Birthday Reading Tub: 10 Years of Literacy

Ten years of promoting literacy. Wow. It seems like just yesterday that my sister-in-law suggested that I create a website to help parents and teachers find “read-tested” books. As a teacher herself, she thought parents and teachers alike would like book recommendations from parents & kids to parents & kids. Anything that helps them find the books they will like to share, hear, and read together would be really valuable. In November we mark 10 years. Happy birthday.

The Reading Tub® started as a hobby website; evolved into an official nonprofit (year 1), and broadened its mission from book reviews to family literacy. Last but not least – thanks to the many great stories of kids becoming readers & bookworms – it now takes up a huge space in my heart.

Kids becoming accomplished readers and writers … that is jump-for-joy worthy. Happy birthday indeed! How do you celebrate all that?

Well, I’m glad you asked. Beginning in November and continuing for all of 2013 we are going to share literacy tips and  and gift ideas. We are all about paying it forward, and we want to make it easy for you to do the same.

Whether you need a birthday gift for a party your son is going to, a new book idea for your daughter, or a shower gift for a parent-to-be you’ll get our best-of-the-best recommendations every month. Not just hear on the blog, but in a newsletter, too. We’re calling it our Literacy Lalapalooza, and each edition will have …

  1. Idea for literacy and reading.
  2. Tools and/or Resources suggestions (e.g., websites, games, toys)
  3. Book ideas, one for each reading group: 0-4, 5-9, 10&Up

At the beginning of each month, we’ll present the literacy gift ideas. Subscribe to the blog and you’ll get the Family Bookshelf version. But you’ll only get half a present! Can’t have a happy birthday with that, can you?

We have a new Literacy Lalapalooza newsletter filled with recommendations and tips that won’t be on the blog. Double the ideas and the chances of finding that just-right match for engaging kids in literacy-related activities increases exponentially.

If you already receive The Wash Rag newsletter, just update your preferences to add Literacy Lalapalooza.

If you only want to sign up for the Literacy Lalapalooza, that’s easy to do, too. Subscribe to the newsletter and pick just Literacy Lalapalooza in the Sign Me Up For ... section.

Happy birthday from us to you!