Happy Day!

Today we hit the trifecta …

Happy St. Valentine’s Day

Happy Chinese New Year


It is definitely a red-letter day!! As every panelist and judge will tell you, the Cybils are a process to be savored, and we each love our respective parts.  I always enjoy the discussions and trading ideas on our Easy Reader and Early Chapter panel. *Meeting* and working with Sarah Neal (In Need of Chocolate, Jennifer Wharton (Jean Little Library and Check It Out), and Melissa Young (Sweet On Books) is both a delight and an honor, as these are some of my go-to blogs. Our panel organizer, Anastasia Suen (5 Great BooksLiteracy Links)  makes it all look easy and keeps it fun for us, too.

So without further ado …

Easy Readers Winner

mo willems easy reader Watch Me Throw the Ball!

Written and illustrated by Mo Willems
Hyperion, 2009The Elephant & Piggie series continues with another perfectly pitched early reader. The book is a conversation between two friends who speak in simple repetitive phrases about their ball throwing prowess.  The illustrations are dynamic and vibrant, offering many clues to help readers decode the text.  In just a few words, Willems creates two very distinct, likable characters.  Everyone can relate to the central idea that taking joy in what we do is sometimes more important than outstanding achievement.

Early Chapter Books

Bad to the Bone
Written by Lucy A. Nolan
Illustrated by Mike Reed
Marshall Cavendish, 2008

This dog’s eye view of the world is laugh-out-loud funny.  The book is narrated by Down Girl who has learned her name from how she is most often referred to by her master.  Down Girl spends the book trying to teach her master, whom she calls “Rruff,” lessons like the need for vigilance where cats and squirrels are concerned and that paying attention to your dog is more important than house painting. The combination of humor and distinctive voice in Nolan’s writing made this a winning book.

Hurry, head over to the Cybils blog and check out all the winners! I am so excited about the Easy Reader and Early Chapter book winners … and can’t wait to get back from our swim meet and check the Cybils blog to see all the rest of the winners. Who needs a romantic dinner when you’ve got all these wonderful books?


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