Tuesday Blurb: Mea Culpa! and Welcome

This was not the way I had planned to introduce our new identity, but all things happen for a reason!!

Welcome to Family Bookshelf … the new name/home/identity of the Reading Tub blog. When I started blogging nearly six years ago, “scrub-a-dub-tub” worked for us, because it was just me and a few friends reading it.

It hasn’t fit well for a while now, and this was the week to do it “quietly.”

There is still lots of little tweaking to do (like retrieving the posts from 2008 through 2011) and a banner yet to be revealed, but with Poetry Friday coming this week  I didn’t want to delay anymore.

So thanks for stopping by! We’re glad you’re hear and hope you’ll bring along a book or an idea or just spend some time exploring the shelves!