Help Pick the Next Award-winning Children’s Book

Those of us who have jumped in the Tub as reviewers are lucky to be surrounded by books. We love reading with our kids and catching up with what children’s authors and their publishers are offering our kids. But we have never actually influenced what gets published. Until now.

One of our visitors sent us a note and told us about the (Third Annual) ABC’s Children’s Picture Book Competition. Judges have selected 12 finalists, and the public gets to vote on which manuscript will become a published book. Mark your calendar for September 16-30 and head over to the ABC’s Children’s Picture Book Competition website to vote. (Don’t worry, we’ll send a reminder through the blog!)

So, as avid readers of children’s books — not to mention parents who have great say in what we want our children to read — be sure to add your say to the next book you’ll want to read to your kids! Since kids can vote, too, you can make this a family reading event!

In the interest of full disclosure … author Mayra Calvani told us about the contest. Her story, The Doll Violinist, is one of the finalists.

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