Make a Match: Books for Adventure-loving Girls

mini-family-bookshelfAs fans of children’s and YA literature, and bloggers, we regularly share what we’re reading. Some of us even describe “who” would like this book. Sometimes its easy to find that ‘just right’ book for a young reader. Other times, though, I am stumped.

The Make a Match series introduces some of my tougher bookworms-in-training. These are the readers that have very specific likes and dislikes, and for whom I’ve run out of ideas. So I’m turning to you for help.  

Meet our reader: 11-year-old Girl who loves Adventure Books

  • She likes to read, but her bookworm tendencies only show themselves with books that mix adventure and lots of action.
  • She doesn’t like “girl books” (translation: character driven stories).
  • Fantasies are fine IF magical powers are involved.
  • Gross is good – but not too gross. Ditto suspense.
  • Humor is important, too.

Her three most recent books to read for fun …

  • Falcon Quinn and the Dark Mirror by Jennifer Finney Boylan
  • Half-Minute Horrors edited by Susan Rich
  • Middle School, the Worst Years of My Life by James Patterson

For a school assignment she is reading Assassin (The Grace Mysteries) by Lady Grace Cavendish. It took nearly 50 pages for the story to take hold. Although she is an accomplished reader, the style of the language also confounded her [yet she had no trouble with Harry Potter].

Make a Match Goals

Books that fit within our reader’s interests, but also have characters in whom she can see herself. Even with lots of action and adventure, we need characters who can be role models, i.e., stories where character(s) have learned something about themselves. Not a Disney-fied world, but honest and realistic relationships.

Here’s the spot to add your recommendation for a title our bookworm-in-training might like.  If one of your favorites is already here, just add your vote to the title.

Thanks for sharing your recommendations!