It Takes a Lot of Reading

In yesterday’s Monday Round-Up, I added a short piece about Weekly Geeks event at The Hidden Side of a Leaf. Here’s the blurb (in my own words): bloggers (but especially book bloggers) can read, write, and learn from their virtual peers. Every week, Weekly Geeks will select a blogging theme related to books, and bloggers can join in by linking a related post to the event.

This week’s challenge is to take a more inclusive approach to book reviews. Darla at Books and Other Thoughts has a policy that is about as collegial as it gets: if you write a review about a book that she’s written about, send her an email and she’ll add a link to your review.

We think that’s a great idea. On the Reading Tub website, we have always had a field for “other reviews.” It’s standard for every profile we write.  We don’t have linnks, but we do let  you know if there are Critics’ Reviews or reader feedback at two of the major online booksellers. But now that we’ve gotten more involved with the Kidlitosphere, we think it’s time to give their thoughts voice, too.

They read a lot … we read a lot … we all have lots of great ideas. So from now on we’re going to have an invitation in all of our reviews, both on the blogs and on the Website. When someone takes the time to send us their review, you’ll have instant access to online reviews about the books we’re reading with our kids. This is what the link looks like:

Now I’m off to add the links to our Random Reviews!

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  1. That’s really cool, Terry! I always do a quick search for other reviews when I post a review, but what I’m not good about is going back and adding links to later reviews. I like this approach because, when someone writes a review in the future, you give them a chance to link to it on your review. I’ll definitely check it out.

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