Library Week Book Giveaway Winners

You know it’s a busy/tough week when you have a BIG note on your dayplanner and you still forget to announce the winners of your book giveaway.

In honor of library week, we hosted a Book Giveaway. Enter a comment for a drawing to win a one-chapter Horrid Henry story OR a full 4-book set and a one-chapter Horrid Henry story for your classroom or elementary school library.

I used to generate a sequence from 1 to 7 (we had 7 comments). Here’s the random sequence – 6-4-7-3-5-1-2.

Our grand prize winner is (6) Book Chook – who threw her vote to Shelly Burns.

Winners of the one-chapter Horrid Henry book are …

(4) Becky

(7) Anne-Marie Gordon

(3) William Sawyers

(5) Laura Driver

Winners, please send me the name, full address, and the teacher/librarian’s name so I can mail these out. Each book will have a letter will explain how you won the book for their library. The address is thereadingtub [at] gmail [dot] com.

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