UPDATED: Literacy + Kindergarten = From ABCs to Reading Words

©Elizabeth O. Dulemba
©Elizabeth O. Dulemba T

Wow! We’re here already! Welcome to the last day of Share a Story – Shape a Future 2013. It has been a wonderful week of exploring the early stages of literacy.

Today, we’re celebrating that transition from identifying letters to putting them together to recognizing words and writing them, too!

The moment when our kids realize they are really reading all by themselves is magical! I tend to liken it to Christmas morning … and our guests today, do as well.

We’d love to hear your ideas for raising readers, and your experiences watching your child discover literacy. Add your links in the comments here or on the Share a Story blog and we’ll incorporate them into the Event Summary.

Our thanks to everyone who has joined our literacy blog tour this week.

2 responses to “UPDATED: Literacy + Kindergarten = From ABCs to Reading Words

  1. Hi Terry, have been loving the posts this week! Found the campaign via Jen Robinson’s announcement on g+. I wrote a post for today “How to Keep a Love for Books Alive as Kids Learn to Read”. It’s our experience as we helped our two kids learn to read. Here’s the link: http://www.kcedventures.com/blog/tips-for-teaching-kids-to-read-early-readers-for-kids

    If you have an email list, please add me to it – I’d love to keep up on the initiative!

    1. Hi Jacquie … Nice to meet you, and so glad you are joining us. Thank you! Thank you! Thank You! for that fabulous post. So many of us forget that loving books does not necessarily mean that learning to read comes easy. You’ve got great tips packed in there, too!

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