#NoSummerSlide Week 5 – Road Trip, Part 2

car trip

Last week’s #NoSummerSlide Road Trip ideas were all about curiosity – learning about the places we go and the people we love! This week it’s all about the radio!

There have been several movies/biopics about music stars in the lat few years. Now that Rocketman is playing in theaters, kids may be interested in hearing more of Sir Elton John’s music, songs also popular in his era of popularity. Don’t be surprised if the kids want to hear more of the iconic music from when you were growing up!!

Hey, DJ Can You Play Me a Song?

Several years ago, we started creating a family playlist – music that we love or is special to us and that is played only when we’re on the road. It is one of our favorite things because it gets us singing and talking about memories. We are a family of three, so one playlist works well for us. Here are some other ideas that invite broader participation!

  • Each family member creates a personal playlist with up to 20 songs. The creator will “DJ” his/her list and share what they love about the song, why they included it, what it reminds them of, etc. 
  • Have everyone name five songs that connect with (or remind them of) the place you are visiting. Create a master playlist with all the tunes. Don’t let them share among themselves, make it a surprise. [Bonus: At the end of vacation take a family vote for the top five.]
  • At a family meeting, decide on a set of “themes” and task each person with creating a playlist around that theme. Maybe it’s superhero music, girl power, songs that remind you of baseball, etc. Build a master playlist and when that song plays, the nominator explains why it fits.
Literacy Concepts
  • Listening – Comprehension, vocabulary building (song lyrics)
  • Picking Songs – Critical thinking
  • Explaining Picks – Communication, analytical thinking, organizing ideas
  • Asking Questions of other people – Communication

Music Isn’t Our Thing

Have you considered Audiobooks or podcasts?

If it has been written, there is probably an audio version of it. If you’ve never tried audiobooks before, now might be a perfect time. First, your local library probably has a great selection of digital audiobooks you can borrow. Second, Amazon.com offers a free 30-day free trial of Audible, which has an extensive collection of audiobooks for every audience. 

TIP: Search any title on Amazon.com to see if there is an audio version. 

vacation readingPodcasts are one of the fastest growing segments of the audio world. You’ll find them on Amazon.com and in the Apple store, among other places. Like books, there are lots of options that meet any interest and age appropriateness.

Get the books and podcasts on your phone or tablet then play them through the car’s stereo via Bluetooth for everyone to enjoy.

Audiobooks can also be a great option once you’ve gotten to your destination. They can keep the tradition of bedtime reading going without having to lug print versions or read on screens. The literacy blog Brightly recently published a list of Great Audiobooks for Bedtime Listening which includes links to points of sale. Here are some other resources we’ve recently discovered:

Literacy Concepts
  • Listening – Comprehension, vocabulary building

Got Some Road Trip Ideas?

We’d love to hear them! Add them to the comments and we’ll share on Twitter.