Literacy Lava: Get it While it’s Hot

They must have the secret to stopping time Down Under.  And Susan Stephenson (aka the Book Chook) knows how to do it.  I have tried every way to Sunday to fit more into a day, but Susan has mastered it. In addition to her great series on creative literacy, she’s found yet another way to  share  ideas on reading with kids.

Susan’s newest endeavor is Literacy Lava, a digital magazine filled with reading-related tips and ideas to connect families, kids, and books.


I am quite honored to be among some amazing bloggers in contributing to Literacy Lava.

Given these contributors (sans me), this is no dormant volcano! As Susan notes in her preview post, Literacy Lava is for anyone interested in “discovering new ways to incorporate reading, writing, and creating into everyday life.”

Stand by, Literacy Lava will be erupting soon.

7 responses to “Literacy Lava: Get it While it’s Hot

  1. Great post Terry! Thanks for all the links, and for finding the time to be a contributor with all you do. If we’re talking the secret to stopping time…I suspect it can be found closer to Poe’s study!

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  4. Wow. Great post, Terry! I am also absolutely amazed by the amount of time, effort, and imagination that Susan was able to put into this project. You said it so well when you said that this is no “dormant volcano!”

    I am so honored to be able to contribute to this uniquely designed magazine along with you, Susan, Valerie, Kim, and Amy. You each have a passion for reading and children’s literature which shines through in your blogs. This is one volcano that I’m happy to see erupting!

  5. Ladies, the pleasure is all mine. According to Magickeepers, there is an ancient hourglass that can stop time. It’s been missing for centuries … but I think a trip to Australia might render some clues!

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