Literacy Lava: More Heat Coming Your Way

Literacy Lava, Issue 2It’s hard to believe that it’s already been three months since the first issue of Literacy Lava hit the virtual newsstands.  In my first post, I wondered aloud how Susan Stephenson stopped time. Now, it seems that time is flying … the second issue of Literacy Lava is about to arrive.

While I may be able to take the heat, my refrigerator apparently found the kitchen too hot! So while I was dealing with all that yesterday, I fell behind Susan and the Literacy Lava crew in telling you about the upcoming edition.  That’s okay … we still have a few more days until the new copy arrives on 1 September 2009.

Like the first issue, you will find lots of practical, fun ideas for engaging kids with books and raising readers. One of the things I love about the magazine – and particularly this month’s collection of articles – is that there are lots of ideas that aren’t just about sitting and reading a book. I don’t want to give anything away, so for now, I’ll let you *hear* what Susan has to say about the new edition.

Making literacy part of our everyday family life is often just a matter of remembering. We need to make sure our kids see that reading, writing, and communicating are important to us, and give them lots of opportunities to participate too.

Literacy Lava 2 is a free magazine that will bring you ideas: for motivating reluctant readers, for literacy on the go, for developing the imagination muscle, for linking math and literacy, for having a pirate party and a book picnic, for rhymes, games, activities and more!

Brought to you by bloggers and writers who are passionate about children’s literature and literacy, Literacy Lava 2 is erupting with no- or low-cost activities parents can do with kids to promote literacy.

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