rural libraryLibraries are wonderful resources for finding books and building literacy skills across many platforms.

Here we’ve collected some videos to help you understand the library, it’s processes, and ideas for making the most of your time there. Have some videos to share? Be sure to email us.

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What do Librarians Do?

How Can a Librarian Help Me? [1.5 minutes]

What Does a Public Librarian Do? (TEDTalk) [6 minutes]

What Does a School Librarian Do? (High School) [4 minutes]

Librarians are Here to Help

What to Expect of a Library in the 21st Century (TEDTalk) [11 minutes]

What Your Librarian Can Do for You [2 minutes]

Rural Libraries

Mobile Donkey Librarian [3 minutes]
In this Voice of America video, we see how literacy is coming to some rural Ethiopian children on a donkey’s back.

Rural Libraries Program [3 minutes]
The Children’s Literacy Foundation supports children’s programs in rural libraries in New Hampshire and Vermont.